Intelico has recently introduced residential plans into its product mix.

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InteliLand Home Plan
Plan Fee $35.95 per month (Ex GST)
Contract Length 12 Months Contract
Minimum Cost $431.40 (Ex GST) over 12 months.
Local Calls 20c Per Call
National Calls 17c per min + 30c Connection Fee
Mobile Calls 28c per min + 30c Connection Fee
Calls to 1800 All calls included
Calls to 019 / 13 / 1300 Numbers 38c per call
International Calls Charges start as low as 10c per minute
Late Payment Fee $17.27 (Inc. GST)
Dishonoured Cheque Fee $20.00
Direct Debit $3.75 Inc. GST waived if Direct Debit is activated
E-Billing $3.00 Inc. GST waived if e-bill is activated
Billing Charged a month in advance
Additional services such as caller ID, directory assistance, handset rental, message bank, call control Etc. Charges at standard rates

Terms and conditions

All prices are exclusive of GST. Timed calls are billed per 30 second increments. Fair Use Policy applies. Excessive use is deemed be more than 500 local calls or 1000 minutes of national calls or 1000 minutes of calls to national mobiles per month. Refer to our website for full rates, terms and conditions.Critical Information Summary – InteliLand Home Plan