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My email address is with Bigpond, Can I Keep it?

No, we cannot support Bigpond email id’s, and if you have advertised your bigpond email address we would suggest contacting Bigpond before bringing your services over to us to discuss the options for your Bigpond email address.

What advantages does ADSL offer?

ADSL offers a number of advantages over ‘dialup’ Internet access:- It is very quick to connect – the connection establishes very fast, without needing to wait for ages to ‘dial up’. It is ‘just there’ – when you need it, instantly.- It is dramatically faster than a dial modem or ISDN connection – up to 30-50 times faster, in fact! This makes an enormous difference to the effectiveness of your Internet experience.- ADSL seamlessly ‘shares’ a phone line along with normal ‘voice’ services. Your phone is not engaged when you are using the Internet – in fact you can freely use the phone at the same time as you access the Internet! No more busy signals for people trying to contact you while you surf. - No second phone line needed. You can easily setup ADSL on the same line as your phone without interrupting the use of your primary telephone service. - You can save time and frustration by never having to wait for a modem to connect, or suffering connection dropouts, in addition to the hugely increased download speeds increasing your productivity. - It is far more cost effective than any previous alternatives for providing broadband connections to most home or office locations.

How fast is ADSL?

1500/256 kbps (ADSL 1) Which means that your peak download speed is 1500 kilobits per second (or 1.5 Megabits per second), and your peak upload speed is 256 kilobits per second.This is delivers good performance for most Internet applications, with an excellent pricepoint and widespread availability across Australia. Though of course if you can get ADSL2+, then get it! Upto 20000kbps.ADSL 2+Intelico now offers ADSL 2+ plans, meaning your peak download speed is upto 20000kilobits per second (or 20Megabits). This speed is very fast, however there aren’t too many customers that can take advantage of the full 20MB speeds. This is due to a lot of factors with the main two being distance from exchange and quality of cabling. The good news is that currently over 80% of our current customers achieve between 8MB and 12MB download speeds, which is still extremely fast.

How long will my sign-up process take?

There are a lot of reasons why some individual connections can take longer to turn on in some cases, or be faster in others. We are finding the typical time frame for connecting an ADSL service is currently upto 10 days.

I have an alarm system on my phone line. What does that mean in terms of ADSL access?

Specific details vary between alarm companies. But the point in general is that an alarm system is essentially like another phone or fax or answering machine, and it needs a line filter installed infront of it. In these cases we always advise best course of action is to contact your alarm company and find out if a central filter has already been installed and if having ADSL on the line willinterfere with their alarm system in anyway. Your alarm company should be able to advise your options from there. Please be 100% clear that we take no responsibility for the correct operation ofyour alarm system in the presence of ADSL services. This is entirely a matter between you and your alarm system vendor.

Do I need anything other than a phone line to use ADSL?

You need an ADSL modem, we will supply you with one when you join. We will send it out completely setup, so all you need to do when it arrives, is plug it into the phoneline and your computer and off you go.

Does Intelico support PPPoE or PPPoA for ADSL services?

You can use either one. The service works with them both.

How do I find out if I can get ADSL?

Simply call us on 1300 786 004 and we can run the necessary checks to see if ADSL is available in your area.

If I use my own ADSL modem, what do I need to configure in order to use our ADSL?

If you are using an ADSL device that we did not supply, it might need to be configured to work with our service. The only configuration that typically needs to be done is to set two configuration ‘magic numbers’, which are called the VPI and VCI numbers. Somewhere in your ADSL device (or in some cases, in the driver software that comes with it), there should be a couple of boxes for you to fill in or change these values. The correct values for use with our service are 8 and 35 respectively (sometimes in separate fields, sometimes in a single field, specified as 8/35 ) Once your ADSL device is set for 8/35, you can plug it in to your phone line and you should see ‘line sync’ after several seconds (maybe up to 30 or so). ‘Line sync’ means that your ADSL device ‘sees’ the ADSL DSLAM at the telephone exchange and is ready to use it. On most ADSL devices this means that an appropriately labeled light goes solid green (after initially flashing merrily while it waits to get that signal lock). If you have phone or other non-ADSL devices on your line – any such devices at all – they need to have line filters installed to protect them from the ADSL line noise (and to protect ADSL from interference from the phone and/or other devices, too – which can stop ADSL working). We discuss this issue in more detail elsewhere in this document. Once you have line synch, you can get your computer or in most cases, your ADSL Router to log in to our ADSL service over your line. Your assigned login name will be : Yourphonenumber@blue1000.com.au (where, obviously, you should replace Yourphonenumber with the phone number your ADS: was activated on for you). Your password will simply by the phone number you entered in as the username

My ADSL has stopped working, help, what do I do, how can I find out what’s wrong?

A most common cause is the modem has either frozen or locked up, this can be rectified by simply ‘rebooting’ the modem.To do this, we just suggest turning it off, leave it off for a few minutes then turn it back on. While your modem is rebooting, check your phone line to see if there is dialtone and you are still able to make calls.Check the line also to see if there is crackling or any other ‘noise’ on the line that shouldn’t be as this can effect your ADSL. If there is no dial tone or noise on your line, you will need to contact us to report a phone fault.If this doesn’t rectify the issue, please call us and we can troubleshoot the specific problems with you.

What about Apple users?

Intelico prides itself on being highly supportive of the use of the Internet on any computer system that you have which runs TCP/IP. Not only do we support Windows but we also support Mac OS. And we also support the use of Linux and FreeBSD to access the Internet using ADSL. If you have another operating system entirely, and it runs TCP/IP, we’ll do our very best to support it with our ADSL service.

What is ADSL?

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is a Broadband internet connection that works over an existing Phone line, yet still leaves it available for normal analogue (voice) use.

What modems do you support?

We supply and support only Netgear brand modems. Other ’3rd Party’ modems will still work with our ADSL service, however we are unable to provide any technical support for 3rd Party modems and will only be able to supply your login details and the 3rd parties support helpline number. If you are tech savvy and can configure a 3rd party modem yourself, see the FAQ ‘If I use my own ADSL modem, what do I need to configure in order to use our ADSL?’ for all the specific settings.

Wireless Internet

Can I use this service outside of Australia?
No, you cannot roam internationally with this service.
Can I get better signal strength with an antenna?
This depends upon your location. Some customers experience better reception with an aerial.
What equipment do I need for wireless?
You will need a computer (desktop or laptop) with a USB port.
What equipment do I need for wireless?
You will need a computer (desktop or laptop) with a USB port.
Do I get a separate download and upload allowance?
No. Your monthly data quota is a total of both downloads and uploads. Be sure to turn off any programs that download or upload lots of data without your knowledge. We recommend removing the modem when it is not needed just to be sure.
Does Intelico use their own mobile towers?
Optus provides our mobile tower infrastructure. By utilising the strength and coverage of the Optus network, Intelico can focus on providing great customer service and offer very competitive pricing.
What is 3G Wireless Mobile Broadband?
Mobile Broadband is a wireless internet service. It is available in most parts of Australia and is expanding to cover more areas daily. This means you can connect virtually anywhere to the internet using a laptop with your own personal internet connection. Intelico supplies you with a USB modem and SIM card. The USB modem communicates with the same infrastructure used by mobile phones.This can be plugged into your computer (desktop or laptop) and you then have internet access wherever you can receive a signal.


My Mobile rings but I can’t hear it ringing?
Your phone may be set to ‘silent’ mode. Go into your mobile phone settings and change the ringtone from silent to General. Some phones allow you also to just hold down the # key for a few seconds and this changes it from silent to general and vice versa.
How do I transfer (Port) my mobile number to Intelico?
It’s Easy. All we need to bring your mobile over to us, is your mobile number and your account number from your current provider. We always suggest before doing so, check with your current provider to see if you are locked into a contract or otherwise, as penalties may be charged from the current provider for leaving early.
I’m being asked for my PUK, what does that mean?
PUK stands for ‘Pin Unlock Code’, and has to be entered if you’ve locked your SIM by repeatedly entering the wrong PIN code. If you’re asked for a PUK code, you’ve had more goes at guessing your SIM card PIN code than you’re allowed. If your phone displays ‘Enter PUK Code’ Please contact us and we can happily supply this to you.
Can I extend the ring time of my mobile before it diverts to Voicemail?
Yes. The default ring time setting is 15 seconds. You can extend this up to 30 seconds. To change the ring time before calls are diverted to Voicemail, dial the following command on your mobile: ** 61 * 321 ** (Enter No of seconds required) # then send or call or the green button, depending on your handset.
How do I copy mobile contacts?
Phone bookMost commonly the ‘Phone Book or Contacts’, where numbers are recorded, is stored on the SIM card. It is important you record these details or transfer them to your new Intelico SIM card prior to the change over date. After change over it may not be possible to retrieve this information from your previous SIM card. The below instructions provide detail on how to copy your Phone Book or Contacts on the Nokia 6120 and similar models. If you have a different handset model please refer to your manual for further instructions.Copying your Phone Book to your Handset then onto your newIntelico SIM To copy to your Handset (Please do this prior to the changeover) • On the main menu screen select Contacts • Select ‘Options’ and scroll to SIM Contacts • Select SIM Directory • Select ‘Options’ and scroll to Copy to Contacts To copy to your new Intelico SIM card (Once your new SIM has become active) • On the main menu screen select Contacts • Select ‘Options’ and scroll to Copy • Select To SIM Directory


How do I perform an Isolation test?
Trouble Shooting & Isolation Test: Standard LineIf you are having any difficulty with your line please follow these steps to help isolate the possible cause and origin.1. Please ensure that all equipment is plugged in to the correct socket and that the plug is in correctly. If you are unsure, please unplug the cable and insert again. (If you have multiple services connected to your line then please refer to the Multiple Services section).2. Check that the power supply is connected and on, if required to operate equipment. 3. Attempt to use an alternative handset from a service that is currently working, or if this is not possible, you may want to take your handset to a socket of a working service to prove your handset is in working order. 4. If using a cordless handset that it is charged. It is preferred that you use a standard handset for testing. Trouble Shooting & Isolation Test: Multiple Equipment (ADSL, EFTPOS, FAX, CABLE TV & Etc) If there is multiple equipment plugged into the socket then remove these, and directly connect your handset to the socket. Was the service restored? a) Yes: Plug each piece of equipment in one at a time, and check the line each time. If after plugging a particular piece of equipment and the original problem occurs then contact the manufacturer or service provider as it maybe faulty. b) No: Once you have preformed the final steps in the Standard Line section, please contact customer service on 1300 786 004 to log a fault. Trouble Shooting & Isolation Test: Phone System (PABX, Commander, NT and ANT1 Boxes) If your system is currently experiencing difficulties, such as no tone when lifting the receiver or noise on the line during a call, please follow these simple steps to isolate the possible causes or origin of the issue. DO NOT UNPLUG THE POWER SUPPLY TO THE PHONE SYSTEM AS YOU MAY LOSE SETTINGS. Check that the power supply is connected and that the power light indicates the device is on. If the current issue is affecting all services attached to the phone system, unplug the system from the phone socket only, then using a standard (not cordless) handset, plug into the socket that the phone system was removed from and check if the issue is still evident. IF YES: Contact Customer Service on 1300 786 004 for further Assistance. IF NO: Contact the provider of the phone system or a private technician for further advice. Got a different dial tone? If you are experiencing a different issue please check the list below. If these do not assist you with this issue, please contact us on 1300 786 004. A long low tone on the service: This is facility tone which is activated by an exchange facility in use on the service. The most common cause of this tone is call diversion. To check if this is active, from a tone dial handset, lift the receiver and dial *#21# and a recorded voice will advise you if this is active. NB- You can make calls over this tone without issue. A fast or stuttering dial tone: Indicates that there is a message waiting on your Messagebank service. See Messagebank for details on this. NB- You can make calls over this tone without issue.
How does call waiting work?
Call Waiting tells you if a new caller is trying to contact you when you are already on the phone. A discreet tone alerts you to the new caller – so you can answer your second incoming call by putting your first caller on hold.How do I turn Call Waiting on or off? You can turn on Call Waiting by following these instructions:1. Pick up phone and listen for a dial tone2. Press * 43 # 3. Listen for the announcement, then hang up. You can turn off Call Waiting by following these instructions: 1. Pick up phone and listen for a dial tone 2. Press # 43 # 3. Listen for the announcement, then hang up How do I use Call Waiting while on a phone call? To answer an incoming call when you’re already on a call, or to switch between calls: Push the Call Wait button on your phone. If you don’t have a Call Wait button: push the Recall button and listen for the dial tone, then press 2. To hang up on one call and return to the other: Push the Recall button on your phone and listen for the dial tone, then press 1. To reject an incoming call when you’re already on a call: Push the Recall button on your phone and listen for the dial tone, then press 0.
Can you tell me more about phone number PINS?
What is my PIN for Call Control, Call Forward, Remote Access or Smart Ring? When you first order or connect one of these features, you’ll be given a temporary PIN (this is always the last four digits of your phone number) until you change it to a four digit number of your choice. You must change your PIN on your home phone. To change your PIN: 1. Pick up the phone 2. Press * 30 (old PIN) * (new PIN) * (re-enter new PIN) # 3. Listen to the announcement, then hang up. If you’ve lost or forgotten your PIN, please contact us.
Is my number blocked?
Unless you block your telephone number, your number (with the date and time of the call) will be displayed on the telephone or mobile handset of the person you are calling, where that person has Calling Number Display. Can I block and unblock my phone number from being displayed to the person I am calling? To block on a call-by-call basis…If you’re calling from a home phone: dial 1831 then the number you are calling. If you’re calling from a mobile phone: dial #31# then the number you are calling. To unblock on a call-by-call basis (if your number is permanently blocked) If you’re calling from a home phone: dial 1832 then the number you are calling.If you’re calling from a mobile phone: dial *31# then the number you are calling. Home phones: you’ll need to Contact us to discuss options for blocking your number on a permanent basis.
Can I have 3-way phone conversations?
3-Way Chat allows you to chat with two people at once. Also, one person can leave and another person join at any time, giving an even greater number of people access to the conversation. There is also the ability to place one person on hold, allowing you to speak privately with the other. How do I use 3-Way Chat? 3-Way Chat lets you add another person to your call so that three of you can talk at the same time, much like a conference call. To use 3-Way Chat, you first need to put the existing caller on hold and make a new call. To do this, Step 1 of 4: Press Recall then listen for the dial tone. Step 2 of 4: Enter the phone number of the third person and wait for them to answer. Then, to 3-Way Chat, Step 3 of 4: Press Recall and wait for the dial tone Step 4 of 4: Press 3 If you wish to split the 3-Way Chat (put one caller on hold), Step 1 of 2: Press Recall and wait for the dial tone Step 2 of 2: Press 2 To switch between calls, Step 1 of 2: Press Recall and wait for the dial tone Step 2 of 2: Press 2 To hang up one call and return to the call on hold, Step 1 of 2: Press Recall and wait for the dial tone Step 2 of 2: Press 1.
What is call control?
Call Control allows you to restrict the types of calls made from your home phone. You can choose to bar outgoing STD, international, 190 or local numbers1.How do I turn Call Control on or off?To turn Call Control on: 1. Pick up the phone. 2. Press * 33 (PIN) # 3. Hang upTo turn Call Control off: 1. Pick up the phone. 2. Press # 33 (PIN) # 3. Hang up. How can I check whether Call Control is on or off? 1. Pick up the phone 2. Press * # 33 # 3. Listen to the announcement 4. Hang up.
How do I call back?
No need to waste your time trying someone’s number over and over again if their number’s engaged. Call Back can save you time by letting you know when they’re off the phone. It will keep trying a busy number for up to 45 minutes, and (provided you have a compatible phone) will alert you with a distinctive ring when the called number is free.How do I use Call Back to automatically call back a busy number? To request a Call Back when you receive a busy tone: Step 1 of 2: Press Recall*37# and listen to the instructions. Step 2 of 2: Hang up. The busy phone number will be monitored for 45 minutes maximum. You can arrange a maximum of five simultaneous Call Backs.To cancel a Call Back: Step 1 of 3: Pick up the phone. Step 2 of 3: Press #37# Step 3 of 3: Hang up.
What is Smart Ring?
Smart Ring lets you identify who is calling by the sound of your phone’s ring. You can select up to three distinctive rings, with each distinctive ring able to be used for up to 15 numbers. Any calls not linked to a Smart Ring List are announced by the normal ring tone.To check if Smart Ring is on or off: 1. Pick up the phone 2. Press * # 88 # 3. Listen to the announcement, then hang up.To add or change a number: 1. Pick up the phone 2. Press * 87 (enter PIN) * 3. Enter the ring code 1, 2 or 3, then press * 4. Enter the list position, then press * 5. Enter the phone number, then press # 6.Hang up To remove a number: 1. Pick up the phone 2. Press # 87 (enter PIN) * 3. Enter the ring code 1, 2 or 3, then press * 4. Press 1, then select the list position and press # 5. Hang up To remove all numbers: 1. Pick up the phone 2. Press # 87 (enter PIN) * 3. Enter the ring code 1, 2 or 3, then press * 4. Press 2, then press 1 # 5. Hang up to check which number is in a particular position: 1. Pick up the phone 2. Press * # 87 (enter PIN) * 3. Enter the ring code 1, 2 or 3, then press * 4. Enter the list position, then press # 5. Listen to the announcement of the caller’s number, then hang up.
How can I check which phone number is phoning my home phone, before I decide to answer?
This can be achieved with Calling Number Display, which displays the caller’s phone number on a display on your home phone. on a display on your home phone. You’ll need a Calling Number Display-compatible home phone, which is usually any home phone with a graphical display. To order this feature you will need to contact us.
How do I access MessageBank?
To access your MessageBank, you will need to dial 125101 from a handset on the line that the MessageBank is active on. Your default pin number will be the last 6 digits of your telephone number and will need to be changed the first time you access the service. Your messages will play automatically after your pin is entered. To access your messages from another location, dial 125102. When prompted, enter the mailbox number (which is the full service number that the MessageBank is active on) then # followed by pin number. Once you have heard the messages you can replay it by pressing 1 or if you press 5 and the message will be deleted and you will hear the next message. To increase the rings before the MessageBank takes the call you dial *99 time in seconds # (time must be between 5 and 60 Seconds and in 5 second increments) To Reset your MessageBank pin number, if you are unable to access your mail box, dial 1800 815 700. If you can access the mail box, the pin can be changed by following the prompts from the main menu.
How do I activate MessageBank?
Please give us a call and we can activate this for you within 24 hours. There is an on going monthly charge of $7.09 (inc GST) per month to keep the MessageBank active. There are no additional charges for calls made to retrieve messages.
How do I setup EasyCall Call Control?
When you first order this feature, you’ll be given a temporary PIN (this is always the last four digits of your phone number) until you change it to a four digit number of your choice. You must change your PIN on your home phone. Press *30[old PIN]*[new PIN]*[re-enter new PIN]# The old pin default is the last 4 digits of the phone number once this has been done use the standard handset codes to turn on and off Turn call control ON * 33 PIN # turn call control OFF #33 PIN # check status *#33#.
What are some useful MessageBank shortcuts?
Once you access your Mailbox, you can get back to the Main Menu by pressing 9 You can press 8 for Help at any time When listening to your messages: Press 1 to Go Back to the start of the message Press 6 to Skip to the next message Pause a message by dialing 7 and to resume the message press 7 again.
What is Calling Number Display?
Calling Number Display (CND) can help you identify who is calling by displaying the caller’s phone number. It can also store the date and the time of the call, as well as the phone numbers of people who hang up without leaving a message. If you have call blocking or line blocking enabled on your phone line, or you have a Silent Line, your Calling Line Identification (CLI) will generally not be disclosed to third parties.


What is Pro Rata?
Your First Invoice may include Pro-rata charges.Pro-rata charges relate to charges that are calculated from the date your service began, to the end of a billing cycle and one month’s charges in advance. Pro-rata applies for line rentals, plan charges or Value added services like Messagebank, Call number display etc.Example: If you sign up halfway through billing cycle. Intelico charges you for half of the billing cycle plus one month in advance.
When are my bills due?
Your bills are due 14 days from the bill issue date. The bill issue date is the 9th of the month, meaning bills are due for payment on the 23rd of the same month.
What is Intelico’s billing cycle?
Intelico issues their bills on a monthly cycle. The date our bills are issued is on the 9th of every month.