Intelico is one of the fastest growing Telecommunications service provider providing premier quality Voice, Internet and Mobile services, with its office in Brisbane, Intelico’s team is composed of experts giving customers suggestions and access to World Class Telecommunication solutions. You can be 100% confident that Intelico delivers…

Competitive pricing, Innovative bundled solutions, Prompt customer service, Fast fix on technical issues, Continuous customer commitment, Accurate, fast, transparent billing

Intelico Vision:
To be one of the leading Telecom service provider in Australia giving optimum value, happiness and prosperity to all the stakeholders and empowering their personal and professional lives by giving them nothing but the best in all aspects of life. Our Stakeholders are Customers, Employees, Vendors and Service providers, Society, Investors, Founders and Partners and all who keep us in prayer.
Intelico Mission:
We will be the leaders in our business by:• Providing high quality Service at Competitive prices• Launching new and innovative products • Following our “Customer first Approach” • Continually enlightening our Skills and Knowledge • Constantly Observing Industry Statistics and Standards • Contributing back to Society
Intelico Values:
• Be Passionate• Be Kind, considerate and love each person as yourself.• Be Honest and Maintain Integrity • Be Innovative • Be Straightforward • Be Punctual • Be Consistent in Performance • Be Fun loving and fun to work with • Be Open to Feedback and give valuable feedback • Be Competitive and Self-motivated